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Ayurvedic recipe: Fever will go away with the help of just 1 onion, know very easy and effective treatment

In fever, the condition of a person becomes completely battered. The body breaks down badly and weakness starts to be felt. When our body comes in the grip of an infection or germ, our immune system starts heating the body so that the infection or germ present in the body dies due to heat. But do you know that you can get a type of fever even in summer, which can also prove to be fatal. According to Ayurveda, you can cure this particular type of fever with the help of just one onion. Let’s take this easy and effective Ayurvedic treatment (Ayurvedic Treatment for Fever) know about.

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What is summer fever?
According to the country’s well-known Ayurvedic expert and founder of “Incredible Ayurveda”, Dr. Abrar Multani, the fever that occurs in the summer season is called Sunstroke or Heatstroke Home Treatment in medical language. Due to excessive sunlight or heat, there is a sudden imbalance in the level of water (dehydration) and electrolytes in your body. Due to which the body starts heating from inside and fever comes. A person can also die due to sunstroke or heatstroke. But you can cure this summer fever with the help of just 1 onion.

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Ayurvedic Remedy: 1 How to get rid of onion fever?
Ayurvedic expert Dr. Abrar Multani tells that to cure the fever coming in summer, you have to take 1 onion present in the house. Break this onion on a cobweb or stone with the help of hands or stone. Now, with the help of the juice that has come out from breaking the onion, gently massage the palms and soles with the help of hands. You have to do this two to three times a day. With this, you have to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. Your summer fever will disappear in 1 to 2 days.

The information given here is the personal opinion of the experts.

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