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Coronavirus new symptoms: Another new symptom of corona virus has emerged in patients, doctors recommend- get the test done immediately.

New Delhi: Colds, colds, coughs, fever, body aches, runny nose, throat pain – all these symptoms of corona virus (Coronavirus Symptoms) Are also viral fever or common cold and common cold. Due to this, it becomes difficult to differentiate many times. However, in the second wave of , new symptoms are coming out every day. A sudden decrease in the patient’s platelets after experiencing excessive fatigue, diarrhea, and headache is also a symptom of Kovid-19.

Platelet count was reduced to 20 thousand

According to a Times of India report, 60-year-old Alim Sheikh of Lucknow got his blood test done on April 18 after feeling very tired, the number of platelets in his blood turned out to be 85 thousand, while in normal patient 1.5 Blood platelets range from lakh to 4.5 lakhs. On the advice of doctors, he started taking medicine but on April 23, he started breathing. After the blood test again, his platelets reached 20 thousand. The family tried to get him admitted to the hospital but he died due to lack of oxygen-supported beds.

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The patient did not show any symptoms of corona in the beginning

59-year-old Rajkumar Rastogi of Lucknow, after feeling exhausted, got blood tests done on April 13, when his platelets turned out to be only 21 thousand. Her condition improved somewhat with medicines, but on 16 April she was admitted to the hospital after breathing problems where she was diagnosed with CT Scan with Covid pneumonia. Rajkumar also died on 20 April due to increased infection in the lungs. According to the son of Rajkumar, his father did not have any symptoms like dry cough, fever or breathlessness.

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Every viral infection has a low platelet count.

Santosh Kumar, Professor, Department of Respiratory Medicine at KGMU (King George Medical University), Lucknow, says, “Every viral infection reduces platelet count.” Therefore, if you feel very tired without any specific reason, instead of ignoring it, get the Covid-19 test done immediately. Diarrhea, reddening of the eyes, skin rash and fatigue are also new symptoms of Kovid-19, so people should get a test of Kovid-19.

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Doctors advice- get a Covid test done if you feel tired

Dr. Vikram Singh of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital says, ‘Fatigue and exhaustion and feeling sick are also symptoms of viral fever and Kovid-19 is also a viral disease, so patients feel fever as well as fatigue. it occurs. It was seen in many patients that their blood platelets have reduced from 75 to 80 thousand which is sometimes considered as Dengue or some other disease while in reality it is Kovid. So we suggest that if you feel very tired, then get your Kovid test done.

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