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Covid-19: WHO ban on remdesivir, removed from pre qualification list

New Delhi: In the country and the world, amidst the outbreak of the second wave of Corona, big news has come about Remedesivir. For a long time in the country, Remadecivir was considered to be an effective treatment for corona. In India, this remediesvir was used extensively in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. It was said that due to this, the lives of Corona victims are being saved. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has removed this remodevir injection from the list of protocols related to the treatment of corona patients.

Removed from pre-qualification list

According to the report published in Navbharat Times, WHO has suspended this injection from the list related to the treatment of corona patients. That is, the global organization has removed Remedesvir from its pre-qualification list. Before taking this decision, the WHO had also issued a warning regarding its use during treatment of Kovid patients.

Significantly, in contrast to WHO claims, Remedesivir is being used in many countries of the world including India for the treatment of corona patients. Rana, one of the chief doctors of Ganga Ram Hospital in India, has also questioned its ability to be effective in corona treatment. There was talk of removing it from the list of Kovid treatment in the country as well.

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There were reports of black marketing

From the month of April to the middle of May in the country, these injections suddenly disappeared from almost every market across the country. There were reports of black marketing everywhere. Even before the World Health Organization (WHO) was not aware that these injections are 100% effective in corona treatment. However, some time ago the Government of India had banned the export of Remedisvir in view of its shortage. At the same time, there was a big phase of accusation between Maharashtra government and BJP about this injection.

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However, many American scientists also said that it was effective for the treatment of corona. Even this injection was used in the treatment of former US President Donald Trump.

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