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Don’t Miss These Important Chapters From NCERT to Crack Medical Entrance Exam

Review and revision of NCERT book Critic for preparation possibilities of NEET 2021. Combining NCERT Syllabus and analyzing as many questions as possible while analyzing their performance is the key to crack the national level medical entrance exam. However, with such a comprehensive curriculum, students often miss important points.

Here is a list of chapters based on previous years’ paper and analysis of trends.

The Biology

NEET 2020 was focused on medium difficulty level and high NCERT. While it is compulsory to read the entire NCERT syllabus, it is important to spend more learning information and images from the chapters from which the hotspots of the questions can achieve higher emphasis scores. These lessons are listed below:

Botany – Zoology

I. 12th Class

– Reproduction in Organisms Human Reproduction

– Sexual reproduction in Flowering Plants Evolution

– Principles of Inheritance and Variation Biotechnology: Principles & processes

– Molecular basis of inheritance

– Organisms and Population

-Environmental issue

II. 11th Class And 12th Class

– Biological classification biomolecules

– Plant kingdom neural control and coordination

– Cell: The unit of life breathing and exchange of gases

– Morphology of flowering plants chemical coordination and integration

-Transport in plants animal kingdom

–  Mineral nutrition animal morphology

– Photosynthesis in higher plants

– Respiration in plants

– Plant growth and development


Analyzing the NET question papers of previous years, it was found that most of the questions in Chemistry were based on the principles and concepts discussed in NCERT. Thus, in-depth study of NCERT and NCERT examples is the most important and effective tool for maintaining high positions in NEET 2021.

Some basic concepts related to physical chemistry, chemistry, thermodynamics, equilibrium, solutions and electrochemistry are important chapters within.

For organic chemistry, organic chemistry, aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids, alcohols, phenols and ethers, halolecans and halvarine, chapters on hydrocarbons: some basic principles and strategies should focus more on modifying NCERT.

For inorganic chemistry, students should pay more attention to chapters such as chemical bonding and molecular structure, p-block components and combination compounds.

The revision of these chapters should be followed by solving the questions from the previous year’s NEET question papers.


In short, physics is considered a difficult subject due to many concepts and numerical reasons. Most of the questions in the first phase 1 and second phase of NIT 2020 were from NCERT. The important chapters to focus on are:

Important To Do Chapters

Class 11th

– Units and Measurements

– law of motion

– Work, energy and power

–  System of Particular and Rotation of Motion

– Gravity

– Mechanical Properties of Fluids

– Thermodynamics

– Waves

Class 12th

– Current Electricity

– Moving charges and Magnetism

– Ray optics and Optical Instruments

– Wave Optics

– Dual nature and radiation of matter

– SemiConductor

Basic preparation tips in physics include focusing on basic concepts, practicing the application of these concepts through adequate problem solving so that none of the questions appear as new formats. The study of NCERT books is basic, but must be practiced through a series of tests in a time-dependent format.

– Author written by Anurag Tiwari is National Academic Director (Medical), Akash Educational Services Limited.

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