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Israel-Palestine’s war will not be confined to two countries, Erdogan told Putin, ‘Now we have to teach a lesson’

Ankara: The bloody conflict between Israel and Palestine can also take the form of a world war. The way Turkey (Turkey) and Russia (Russia) are looking at this issue has raised apprehension that this conflict will not be limited to only two countries. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin in this regard. Erdogan has told Putin that the attitude Israel has taken towards Palestine needs to be taught a hard lesson for it.

Telephonic conversation

Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the President of Russia that the international community should teach Israel a tough and different lesson. According to the Turkish President’s Directorate of Communications, the leaders of the two countries discussed the disputed territory of Jerusalem on telephone on Wednesday. During this, Erdogan said, ‘The international community should teach Israel a strong and different lesson. The UN Security Council should intervene quickly so that a clear message can be given to Israel.

Erdogan gave this suggestion

The statement issued by Turkey said that President Erdogan suggested to President Putin of Russia that an international security force should be considered to protect the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Gaza’s Health Ministry said that the number of deaths in Gaza, including 16 children and five women, has risen to 65. While at least 365 people including 86 children and 39 women have been injured.

City Commander Stack

The Gaza City commander of the militant organization Hamas has been killed in an Israeli airstrike. Hamas has confirmed this. It is being said in the report that Bassem Issa, who was killed in Wednesday’s attack since the Battle of Gaza in 2014, was the largest Hamas official ever. On the other hand, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantts has made it clear that the attacks will not stop. He said that our army’s attacks in the Gaza Strip and Palestine will not stop. We are not ready to wait until the enemy is completely pacified. Only after this will there be any talk on peace restoration.

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