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Israel: Stampede in religious ceremony, 40 people killed; Hundreds of people injured

Jerusalem: A stampede broke out on Friday morning during the largest Jewish religious event in North Israel, killing at least 40 people and injuring hundreds. A rescue service official in Israel has confirmed 40 deaths in the incident. Thousands of people attended this event. Israeli media has reported at least 40 deaths in the incident and has printed photographs of dead bodies on the scene.

Thousands of people attended the religious event

The incident took place during the main event of Lag Baomar in Mount Meron. Thousands of people gather on this day, especially in honor of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Simeon Bar Yochai was a second-century saint who was buried here. The crowd traditionally burns bonfire during the event at Mount Meron.

PM Benjamin Netanyahu told a big tragedy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it a ‘great tragedy’ and appealed to everyone to pray for the victims. The incident occurred after midnight and the reason for the stampede is also not immediately clear. In the video released during the event on social media, a large number of Jewish people are seen gathering at one place.

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Accident occurred due to rush in one direction

An eyewitness named Dvir (24) told the army radio station that crowds of people started coming in the same direction. He said, ‘It seemed as if I was going to die.
Relief and Rescue Service Megan David Adam tweeted that they are treating 103 people, of whom 38 are in critical condition.

Israeli media had earlier reported that a large stand had collapsed. However, the rescue service said that all the people were injured in the stampede. Israeli media quoted an unidentified medical officer as saying that at least 40 people had died in the incident. However, an official of the rescue service in Israel has confirmed the death of 40 people in the incident.

Army helicopters engaged in rescue work

The Israeli army said that it had sent medicines and a search and rescue team along with helicopters to help in ‘such a big incident’ in the area. However, he did not give any information about the nature of the incident.


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