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PM Modi’s meeting with the District Magistrate on the situation in Corona; The mantra given for testing, prevention and vaccination

New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with the district magistrates of 46 districts of the country on the condition of corona virus. The meeting started at around 12 noon on Tuesday, in which the District Magistrates of Karnataka, Bihar, Assam, Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi attended. In the meeting, PM Modi has given the mantra of testing, tracking, containment and vaccination to the district collectors.  

At the same time, he has told the administrative officers to be field commanders in the battle from Corona. PM Modi said in a meeting with the district magistrates, ‘The number of districts in our country are as many different challenges. In a way, every district has its own challenges.  

You understand the challenges of your district much better. So when your district wins, the country wins. When your district beats Corona, the country defeats Corona.

PM Modi told doctors – more efforts needed to spread awareness about fungal infectionThe countryside will have to pay attention Experts are worried about the knocking of the corona virus happening in rural areas of the country. To this, the PM said,

“In this second wave of Corona, we have to pay a lot of attention in rural and inaccessible areas right now.”   Regarding essential services, the PM said, ‘Apart from Kovid, you also have to take care of the’ Ease of Living ‘of every citizen of your district. During this, he mentioned the weapons and testing, tracking formula to fight against the virus. The PM said,

‘What are our weapons against this virus? Our weapons are – local containment zone, aggressive investigation and accurate and complete information to the people.     At the same time, he told, ‘Continuous emphasis on testing tracking, treat and covid behavior is necessary.’

He said, ‘All of you are in a very important role in this war against Corona. You are the field commander of this war in a way.

Have had a meeting with doctors Prime Minister Modi discussed the situation related to Kovid through video conferencing with a group of doctors across the country.

The PM has given this information through a tweet. According to PIB, in this meeting PM Modi praised the actions of the medical staff during the second wave of corona virus. He has said that the country is indebted to the medical fraternity.

PM Modi also emphasized the point of vaccination of doctors during this discussion. He said that 90 percent of the health workers of the country have received the first dose of vaccination. He said that the vaccine has ensured the safety of most doctors. During this time, he also talked about Black Fungus ie Mucaramicosis. He has said that doctors need to make more efforts to spread awareness about it.


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