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UK: Students have made amazing Ladies toilet, know its specialty and need

London: Two UK students have designed a unique ladies toilet. These students had tried to solve the ‘real life problem’ of women in their masters project, in which they were successful.

Its creator students Amber Probin and Hazel McShane claim that their Ladies toilet invention is completely hands free. Which is 6 times cleaner, safer and more effective than the traditional ie old ladies toilet.

Idea from music fest

According to the report published in Daily Mail, both the students did a lot of research before their invention. He says that he got this idea after seeing pictures of music fests to be held in the city. Where every year thousands of women reach but there are no adequate and safe toilet facilities for them.

facts revealed in research

The students said, ‘According to their study, there are fewer toilets for women than men in public places. At the same time, the line of women is 34 times longer than that of men. Because on an average, out of 10 public toilets for men, only one ladies urinal is made for women in such places.

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In such a situation, women do not pay attention to cleanliness and become a victim of dirt. Due to which their risk of getting sick increases. At the same time, during monthly periods, they take more time in public restrooms. Because of this also it is such an invention in which every aspect has been taken care of.

time is saved

Students say that the toilet that is locked takes more time anyway and the virus can come in the hands of women even in opening and closing that door handle. In such a situation, his open prototype is completely safe, in which only the upper part of the body of a man or woman is visible from outside. Its testing is ongoing.

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The students also said, ‘We are not trying to bring revolution in toilets. This discovery of ours is like a ‘fast-track’ toilet for women who want a solution to this problem anywhere and anytime without any hassle and hesitation.’

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